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Download the Radio Spirits App for Apple and Android devices now and listen to the most recent broadcasts of our nationally syndicated When Radio Was radio program FREE every day! Plus, if you want even more great old-time radio shows, try our Premium Plan for access to thousands more fantastic episodes! Choose from your favorite radio entertainment – mysteries, comedies, detectives, westerns, suspense and science fiction. It’s all here – Jack Benny, Sam Spade, Hopalong Cassidy, Sherlock Holmes, Our Miss Brooks, Johnny Dollar, The Green Hornet, Suspense, X-Minus One and so many more.

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About Classic Radio Programs

Mystery! Comedy! Adventure! Drama!

The 1930’s through the early 1960’s was the Golden Age of Radio entertainment. The finest actors, performers, writers and technical craftsmen delivered outstanding radio programs that fueled the imagination of listeners. The original radio broadcasts from the Golden Age Of Radio were the TV of their day.

Hundreds of Classic Radio Series are Available

The Radio Spirits App is Packed with Great Features!

Free Daily Shows!

Hear the newest episodes of the nationally syndicated When Radio Was program.

Huge Selection!

Premium Plan listeners get access to thousands of classic radio programs from hundreds of different series and many different genres.

Download Programs!

Premium Plan listeners can download shows to their iOS or Android device for off-line listening. Enjoy downloaded shows on your device with no wi-fi or cellular data connection.

Bookmark Your Spot!

The Radio Spirits App automatically remembers where you left off when listening to a program so you resume right where you left off.

Enjoy Multiple, Consecutive Shows!

Play several shows from the same series automatically.

Easily Find New Shows!

Search by keyword or browse by program series or genre to find tons of great new programs. New shows are added daily1

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  • * Stream Programs to your iOS or Android Device
  • * Listen to When Radio Was Each Day (ad supported)


  • * Stream Programs to your iOS or Android Device
  • * Listen to When Radio Was Each Day (no ads!)
  • * Thousands of When Radio Was Archive Shows
  • * Stream thousands of Individual Shows from Hundreds of Series
  • * Download Shows for Offline Listening
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Our App Users Love Us

Larry F.

This is just about perfect. With the Radio Spirits subscription, I can finally afford Radio Spirits quality. There’s lots of free OTR, but so much of it is unlistenable. Nobody else has Radio Spirits quality. Bravo!

David M.

Works great on my iPhone 11. Thanks for keeping old-time radio alive!

Milly C.

My kids love listening to these shows on long road trips. Thanks Radio Spirits!

Milt H.

Love it! Is all I can say.

Bob A.

No problems and I’m enjoying your service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Radio Spirits App Free?

Yes, there is no cost to download the Radio Spirits App. And, the basic download allows you to hear the most recent episodes of When Radio Was for FREE.

What shows are available?

In addition to When Radio Was, Premium Plan listeners can pick and choose from thousands of different classic radio programs from hundreds of series, including Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, Gunsmoke, Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, Escape and many, many more. New shows are added daily!

Do you offer a FREE Premium Plan Trial?

Yes, you can currently get a FREE Trial of the Premium version of the Radio Spirits App. See the app for details.

How much does a Premium Plan cost

Current pricing is available to review in the Radio Spirits App. To see available Premium Plan pricing, simply open the App and click the Settings button in the lower right corner. We offer multiple-length Premium plans with opportunities to save!

What is When Radio Was?

Heard daily on 200 AM and FM radio stations throughout the United States, When Radio Was presents the best of old-time radio. Greg Bell is the host of the program.

Can I download shows?

Premium Plan listeners can download shows for offline listening on their mobile device. Listen in places such as a car or plane when you don’t have an Internet connection.